Your BADASS Therapy Practice

Organize your Business Systems, Streamline your Marketing Strategy, and Fill your Practice with Clients who are Willing AND Happy to pay You.

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You’re One Step Away From Having a BADASS Therapy Practice…


It seemed like every time I would get something done for my practice, another 10 things would pop up.

It was overwhelming.

It was scary.

And for someone who's already Type A (and definitely more on the anxious side), I started to wonder if I was actually cut out for private practice or if I should just go back to my "safe" (but soul-sucking) agency job.

I looked online, and it seemed like every coach out there told me they had "The secret to building a wildly successful, full-time private practice." Only thing was, I had to pay them more than I was making all year just to maybe get this "magic recipe for success."

I wasn't buying it. There just had to be an easier way.

So I decided I was just gonna do it all by myself and take a "learn as you go" approach. I bought books and obsessed over blogs, podcasts, and articles. I became a sponge of information about practice-building, taking everything in and trying my best to pick out parts I thought might work for me.

I also cried. A lot. My poor husband...

But then something amazing happened.

I realized that there wasn't one secret to building a successful private practice after all.

There were several of them.

First, I learned that having organizational systems helped my practice run without me constantly having to second-guess how I was doing everything. It also freed me up to spend more time doing things that actually generated revenue.

Then I realized that I had been attracting the wrong clients who not only couldn't pay me, but who also didn't value my time. This led me to question my own clinical competency, and I almost quit (thank God the Universe had other plans).

Turns out, everything I was doing to try and market my practice was wrong. But this is what everyone told me to do! Why isn't this working?!

So I learned strategic ways to attract my ideal clients AND make them loyal to me (that part is so important, but no one ever talks about it).

Over time, I also began to find creative ways to generate consistent referrals and keep them coming in month after month.

I finally started to see that there was a light at the end of the tunnel (and it wasn't an oncoming train!).

I have a few questions for you:

1. Are you tired of (unsuccessfully) trying everything to market your practice? ("Blog every single week! Post in your Facebook Business page every day and boost your posts! Start posting on Instagram/Twitter/Pinterest! Start an email list! Vlog!")

2. Are you interested in learning how to get a steady stream of predictable and reliable referrals so that you can finally stop doing shit that doesn't actually work?

3. Are you ready to build a therapy practice that runs like a well-oiled machine so that you can actually enjoy the time you spend outside the office (instead of stressing about how far behind you always are)?

Let me be crystal clear.

The fact that you don't know how to successfully market your practice isn't your fault.

The fact that you don't know the first thing about how to get organized isn't your fault.

The fact that you don't (yet) have a badass therapy practice isn't your fault.

But now there's one BIG problem...

You can't use that excuse anymore...


Your BADASS Therapy Practice

Organize your Business Systems, Streamline your Marketing Strategy, and Fill your Practice with Clients who are Willing AND Happy to pay You.

Your Instructor

Laura Long
Laura Long

I'm Laura Long, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and creator of Your Badass Therapy Practice. I was tired of hearing the same shitty advice that's handed out to therapists who are struggling to grow their private practices, so I decided to start creating content to dispel the myth that you have to lose your mind in order to gain clients. Turns out, I knew some things that other coaches didn't. And now I want to share it with you.

Your life now...

  • You decided to start private practice so that you could be your own boss and have a more flexible schedule, BUT you find that you spend more time on the tedious, non-billable, annoying parts of your business than you do seeing clients. And you're exhausted.

  • You scroll through your Facebook newsfeed and see therapists in other practice-building groups who look like they have it all together. You check out their websites and immediately feel intimidated and panicky.
  • When it comes to marketing, you feel like a chicken with its head cut off, frantically trying to put random pieces of the marketing puzzle together without much success. You feel like you've tried everything to grow your practice, but nothing really seems to be working, at least not consistently.
  • You want to charge more, but you're so afraid that you'll lose clients if you do...as it is, you find yourself offering a sliding scale to pretty much anyone who calls.


  • Checking your email on Monday morning (after taking the entire weekend off) to find that you have 3 new appointment requests.
  • Having a new intake that goes so smoothly that you know exactly what to do next to keep that client loyal to you.
  • Feeling so organized that you're able to work within your predetermined boundaries without having to do notes from home...ever.
  • Being so confident in the value that you provide to clients that you're able to increase your fee by $5, $10, or even $20 without panic...and having clients

"Her out-of-the-box thinking is something I haven't seen in any of the other practice building classes I have taken."

Laura's BadAss program gave me valuable tools and insight to improve my website, my systems, and my networking. She gave us the roadmap, the templates, and the support we needed to take our practice to the next level.

Laura was completely engaged every step of the way, and was always available to help us with any questions we had. Laura's insights are amazing– she takes the time to really know your business and your specific talents and she helps you come up with unique ways to build a business that you love!

Her out-of-the-box thinking is something I haven't seen in any of the other practice building classes I have taken; I would recommend anyone take this course FIRST– you won't need any others!

- Amy McManus, LMFT in Los Angeles, CA


What's included?

7 Modules over 8 Weeks

Each week you'll receive TONS of content on one of the keys to building your badass therapy practice. From video walk-throughs and pdf worksheets to form templates and Q&A bonuses with other experts, you'll have everything you need to dive into each week's topic. We'll stay laser-focused all week long in the Facebook community, and I'll also give you specific action steps each week to propel you forward.

30-minute individual strategy session

I pride myself on the individual attention I'm able to give each of my students, both during and after the program. Included in your class enrollment is a 30-minute strategy session with me. We can talk niche/ideal client, systems, or even go through your website with a fine-toothed comb. Whatever you need, I'm here to help.

Private Facebook Community

Once you sign up, you'll receive instant access to a close-knit community of 160+ other therapists who've already successfully completed the course. You'll receive advice that is in line with YBTP, and we'll also have a lot of fun! I'll be there every single day, answering questions and posting mid-week check-ins. Don't forget about Wine Live Thursdays and #Winning Fridays!

Badass Support

In addition to our amazing private community, you'll also get paired with a "badass buddy," someone who has already successfully completed the program and who will act as your unofficial mentor throughout the course to help you stay on track.

Bonus Q&A Interviews with Industry Experts

I sit down with well-known coaches and consultants like Allison Puryear, Tiffany McLain, Katie Keates May, John Clarke, and Kat Love to talk everything from systems and fee-setting to SEO and website design.

Contests & Giveaways

Each week, I post trivia questions related to the module and give away everything from customized website reviews and Psychology Today teardowns to free 1:1 private coaching calls with yours truly.

Take a Sneak Peak!

Click below to take a behind-the-scenes look as I share each of the course modules.

Class Curriculum

Available in days
days after you enroll
  Bonus Content!
Available in days
days after you enroll


Here's what my badass graduates have to say...

"The overall value I obtained from Laura is priceless. She believed in me and made me realize that I truly am a badass!"

"As someone who is currently in the planning stages of building my private practice, 'Your Badass Therapy Practice' taught me how to establish goals for my future practice, refine what systems I want to have in place, and how to market to the type of clients I want to work with. Most of all, I learned how to find value within myself.

Laura is real and I appreciate her being straightforward and genuine. The personal connection I have with her goes beyond the course assignments. I felt I could contact her whenever I needed questions answered or some suggestions about a topic.

The perspectives she presented were ones that I had never thought of before. Is the work easy? Hell no! As business owners, all of the topics presented must stay in the front of our minds for the practice to stay alive successfully."

-Missy Riddles, LPCC in Oklahoma City, OK

"This course helped me push past my procrastination."

"When I first started 'Your Badass Therapy Practice,' I was in the beginning stages of building my practice. I didn't have anything finalized because I took FOREVER to make decisions.

I loved getting the weekly homework assignments because I felt like there was a deadline and it forced me to make a decision. I had already done all the research, this course helped me push past my procrastination."

-Molly Johnson, MSFT in Mesa, AZ

"My theme for this year is Focus thanks to this course!"

"This is not my first rodeo and I do pretty well with a full caseload in my practice. 'Your Badass Therapy Practice' helped me to focus on the concept of Whole-Assing one thing rather then Half-Assing too many things at once. My theme for this year is Focus thanks to this course!

Laura also kicked my ass in gear to get more of the foundational pieces of my business tweaked and shored up. I have had lots of insights and feel very positive about the direction of my badass therapy practice!"

-Lynn Dutrow, LCPC in Frederick, MD

"My practice is now about 3x the size it was when I started. The course gave me the motivation to just do it…and fix it as I go."

"I took 'Your Badass Therapy Practice' because I wanted focus and motivation to do the things I needed to do. Before this experience, I would dabble in all the areas needed to build a private practice from marketing to finance to building my website. My approach was haphazard, and I was half-assing all of it.

I found Laura to be real and bold. She just does it, and I trust her. She has earned credibility with me. If nothing else, she is a swift kick in the ass to get going and fix it as you go along. I can speak candidly with her and the rest of my colleagues in Your Badass Therapy Practice Private Community. That’s a freedom that helps me on those days I don’t know what the fuck I'm doing or why I even thought I could be successful at this.

When I started this challenge, I had a small caseload and was fearful about developing my niche. My practice is now about 3x the size it was when I started. The course gave me the motivation to just do it…and fix it as I go.

Since the challenge has ended, I still visit the Facebook page and talk to Laura. That’s the thing: She means what she says. She develops a personal relationship with each of us and responds to all of our posts and emails.

For anyone considering taking this challenge, make the decision to trust the process, get uncomfortable, and don’t quit.

-John Syc, LCSW in Hamden, CT

"What I learned from this course made me more efficient and helped me discover things about my business."

"I really felt like Laura was speaking right to me every week. She asked questions that I didn't really think about before. What I learned from the course made me more efficient and helped me discover things about my business. I still communicate with others in the Facebook group, too. We all had something in common: A desire to improve something about our practices.

Not only did Laura bring a lot of wisdom about being a business owner and a therapist, but she also brought herself. It's hard to describe in a few words what that really means, so I will just leave it at this: Laura brings herself. Yes she's my coach, but she's also my friend. There's no better person to help you than a friend you feel you can trust."

-Klarece Grudzinski, LMFT in San Diego, CA

Frequently Asked Questions

When is the registration deadline?
Registration for the course will open on July 23rd, 2018 and close on Friday, July 27th at 10:59pm EST.
When does the course start and finish?
The course is 8 weeks long and will begin on July 30th, 2018 and end on September 21st, 2018. THIS IS NOT A SELF-PACED COURSE. I've found that students have a higher rate of success with a cohort. Once you've completed the course in it's entirety, you can always go back and access lessons from previous weeks, as well as go through the course with future cohorts for added accountability.
Will Your Badass Therapy Practice Work for Me?
I created Your Badass Therapy Practice to help therapists in almost all phases of practice, from the planning stages to being a seasoned clinician who needs a "tune-up." This course touches on the most important aspects of building a badass therapy practice, so if you're still learning the ropes and trying to figure out how to set your fees, organize your systems, and create your marketing plan, this is the course for you!
What is the time commitment of the course?
This is a tricky one. I've asked my students, and the most common answer I get is 3-5 hours/week to go through the course materials, engage in our community, and complete the action steps for the week. Some weeks might require more time (like sprucing up your systems or cleaning up your website), but the beauty of this course is that once you purchase it, you can go through it as many times with as many cohorts as you want. I have students who have gone through this program (and learned something new) every single time I've offered it since the beginning. So if you can squeeze a few extra hours in each week, you can succeed in this course.
What topics are covered in Your Badass Therapy Practice?
Each week we'll zone in on one important aspect of building a badass therapy practice, and all of the content in the modules and in the Facebook group will focus on that week's topic. We'll also discuss common challenges, mental barriers, and actual strategies to help you become a badass in each specific area. To learn more about each week's module, scroll down towards the bottom of this page. Get ready to have your #MINDBLOWN.
How long do I have access to the course?
How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you'll have unlimited access to this course for as long as you'd like - across any and all devices you own. What's even better is that I will forever be improving the course, and you'll always have access to any updates or additions I make, forever and ever and ever.

How is this course different from other courses on practice-building?

There are plenty of courses on building a successful private practice, but they each have their flaws. Here are the major ones I've noticed:

1. They cost a fortune.

I've seen foundational courses like this range from $1,450 - $3,000+. First of all, who in the hell has that kind of money just lying around? And second, by only making this information available to those who have deep pockets, coaches are actually leaving out the vast majority of therapists who are trying to build successful practices on a shoestring budget.

"Your Badass Therapy Practice" ends up costing you the equivalent of a cheap lunch each day, and you'll get the ongoing support of a small community of other therapists (myself included) who want to see you kick ass.

2. They take a one-size-fits-all approach.

"Your Badass Therapy Practice" is a dynamic, interactive course that encourages group participation, brainstorming, and finding creative solutions that work for you.

No two practices are the same, and what works for one may not work for another. I totally get that you have to carve your own path, and I'll also give you specific tips that you can apply while also utilizing your own creative genius.

3. They say the same ole' shit.

"Facebook ad campaigns are the next big thing! No, Google Adwords is the way to go! Wait a minute...Youtube video marketing is making a comeback! Learn how to do webinars, podcasts, become an expert in SEO, and do all of this all at once!"

Building a successful private practice requires a comprehensive approach that doesn't rely solely on Facebook marketing, blogging, or Google Adwords. I'll show you how to focus on things that will give you the best Return on Investment instead of convincing you why you need to have 14 different social media accounts to get clients in the door.

4. They don't keep it real.

Let's be honest for a minute: You have to keep your shit together all day long in therapy, holding back F-bombs and trying to keep a professional persona.

Your Badass Therapy Practice is all about being yourself and not holding back. Let those true colors shine through as you embrace what it means to be a badass therapist. And sometimes that means just being able to say, "Fuck, this is really stressful!"

What if I'm unhappy with the course?

Not only is "Your Badass Therapy Practice" the most comprehensive course available for therapists in private practice, but it also comes with a 30-day Guarantee.

You have thirty (30) days from the start of the course to try it out. Use it, and if you aren’t satisfied with your progress, email me your completed work from each week at Laura@YourBadassTherapyPractice.com and I will refund you 100%. You can read the full refund policy for the course Here.
I'm completely committed to you and your results, which is why you must show me that you've done the work for the course in order to receive a refund.

This course is not open for enrollment.

Still have questions?

Shoot me an email at Laura@YourBadassTherapyPractice.com and I'd be happy to answer any questions you have about the course.